i'm emailing frm my fon. ...
i'm emailing frm my fon. i hope this works! it'd be a hella uber kewl thing if it did. a little cumbersome, tho. ok gotta go :).

  Really cool movie: Stander. Kuwento ...
Really cool movie: Stander. Kuwento ng South African 1970s apartheid. Ang galing ng student protest scene. Opens in August.

  the 1970s simply rock.

the 1970s simply rock. all people born in that decade rule.

take, for example, johannesburg, south africa, circa roundabout that time. downtown's financial district slick as chicago's lasalle street canyon, diverse as new york city's battery park. cut to: student protest rally in small dusty town, their voices hurling all the percussiveness offered by an AK-47 rifle, all in protest of apartheid.

cut to: andre stander (thomas jane), captain in the johannesburg police force turned notorious bank robber. at the time of the protest, he was assigned as riot police in this small, dusty town, he is a married father living in suburbia.

cut between stander's confused, horrified face and the protestor's anger. protestors round off coordinated protest cries and standoff between police and protestors begin. closeup: commander ordering "disengagement." he prolly means for the students to disperse.

i can't remember what exactly happened to begin the melee. but it lead to police shooting tear gas. students who could stand it threw the canisters back to the police. and then an officer started beating up students at the front line. and then students picked up fist-sized rocks and volleyed those off to police. "open fire!" the commander screamed.

cut to: student yelling protest cries toward stander's direction. officers were shooting students. stander follows suit. cut to: student's abrupt stop, his disbelief, his fall. cut to: stander, shocked, turning to shoot another as per orders.

end of bravo tv feature special. a worthy flick, especially as the music seems to carry most of its weight. another story of taking one person's life and expanding it into the bigger picture, like "the pianist." gotta go see it.

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STANDER (2004) Director: Bronwen Hughes Producers: Julia Verdin, Martin F. Katz & Chris Roland Screenwriters: Bima Stagg & Bronwen Hughes Cast: Tom Jane, Deborah Unger, Dexter Fletcher, David Patrick O'Hara, Ashley Taylor, Marius Weyers Opening Date: August 6, 2004

i learned how to change this blog's formats. i hope it works this time. hadn't had much success with blogspot's archiving system in the past.

but this format is nice. i like the pink, haha. i guess when i get into another HTML mood imma be changin again, and that means all my custom settings will be erased. *prima donna sigh.* we can't have everything.

i am in dire need of a haircut. my hair is getting way too wily and long. it's well on its way to my waist again. problem is, i'm going to a wedding in a few weeks and i haven't yet decided on a dress, even.

i found this adorable dress last weekend, tho! soooooooooo very cool. it matched the shoes we found. the shoes rock!!! :-) it's the shoes that i want paired with.

i can't just go to a salon and show them the shoe and go, "design a hairstyle around this." that would be too much happiness for one person in one day.

we didn't buy the dress coz it was way too revealing for my mother. and this is a filipino wedding we're goin to. yet even if it weren't, i realized that to tastefully fit into the dress i'd hafta loose more weight. we wanna stay dignified, ahahaha. ...
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instead of staying inside like the rest of the sane world, it is storming outside and i wanna go biking! i wanna go right on the lake and bike. the problem with that are police who'll just tell the little girl on a bike to go home, it's too dangerous.

they think lake michigan's like the atlantic or the pacific - it'd crash mercilessly on the makeshift shore of limestone imported from out west, and concerete poured to meld the foreign rocks together. waves would fight this shore to ransom my bike and i - as fertilizer and artificial reef. ahahaha!

i think i'll take my bike further inland and go north to the small mall and finally see the movies i wanted to see! or go to the border's - it's been weeks since i've been shopping!

of course i should forgo going outside at all today coz i actually have studying to do! :sheepish:

it is dark outside, really dark a nasty gray when i woke to tapping, soft thunder, incessant wind blowing on my curtains. i keep one window open precisely to let the rain in.

well, of course if the rain blows east *then* i close my windows. i'm not that crazy... yet. :wink:

oh hey. soft thunder and a cease in tapping. i think the rain's stopped.

any set of normal people would go outside and *play* in the rain while it still poured, but i beg to differ. i'm going biking out, maybe near montrose to see the river rise and the wind and the weather and the temperature shift. it is noontime and so dark, the streetlights are lit. the sidewalks and streets glisten. it would be a short show.
THIS is why i dislike blogger: it is too smart for me. if i wanted to perfect my HTML, i would stick to blogger. but i haven't the mind of a programmer... at least, i refuse to acquire that skill at this point in my life... even though i think i can figure it out on my own if ONLY i sit still for a moment... coz i was able to figure out dreamweaver and fireworks and flash and all that sur mon propre... excuse my french... no, REALLY excuse my french... and other writers have become fluent in blogspeak... so why can't i?

i'll tell you why... coz it is 58 degrees outside and the bike is calling, and so what if i've to wear a sweater ahahahaha. ...

sooooooooooooooooo is there any way of tweaking the way my blogger looks WITHOUT going into the HTML??? yanno, an easy, mindless way that does not require the killing or churning thereof brain cells, so that this space does not look so

YaAaAaAaAaAaaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaWnNnNnNnNnNn. ...
  in a perfect world
i wouldn't need a third blog. i also have a livejournal somewhere. erm. i am going to have to scrounge around time to look for it.

in a perfect world, i wouldn't need a third blog. actually, i've already more than three blogs! ahahaha.

in a perfect world, i wouldn't need to tell you why i need so much writing space.

but, we live nowhere near perfect, and so we must endure. :pleased:

ok, all that it really is is that i wanted a blogger coz people are on it and i wanted to comment on their rants. ahahaha.

voila! so there. ;-)

welcome, and thank you for boarding the ulanmaya transit express. tickets, please. mind the gap as you depart. have a pleasant experience.

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