ulanmaya: oooh, it's the state of the union address, it's just starting now - r u watching?
PAO_on_thin_ice: i'd rather eat raw toxic sludge
ulanmaya: ahahahaha
ulanmaya: well, i hafta watch it
PAO_on_thin_ice: imma go study
PAO_on_thin_ice: let me know if he chokes or trips or anything
ulanmaya: i will - hope u get something done with your books
PAO_on_thin_ice: ergkh
ulanmaya: ergkh, yerself - ;-p


it is a little over an hour after the address - and you know what sends chills down my spine?

that visual of two women hugging - one is the mother of a soldier who died in iraq, and the other who was able to vote for her country's national assembly.

it's a little frightening coz you know they were placed there on purpose. the iraqi woman sits right next to the first lady, and mrs. bush watched while the two women cried over each other.

it's a great visual because the american was placed behind the iraqi, so the iraqi had to reach up to hug her. and then the american clutched her husband's arm, and they're both red and tearful and shaking like leaves. the applause died down after the wife mouthed, "thank you," and then reached back to sit down.

back in the day when the current war in iraq was just about to begin, protestors took to the streets and marched down lake shore drive to make their sentiments known. they held up traffic for five hours, to the chagrin of people who wanted to go home after work. they stopped at michigan and chicago streets, where police formed a square in the middle and kept as many of the 800 marchers inside the square as they can.

in the midst of a follow-the-leader-down-lake short drive protest, where the worst harm they did was hold up traffic and wake up napping residents, police then commenced making arrests.

"it's pretty embarrassing, it's as if they can do anything by taking to the streets," said one young woman on tv. i'll bet my next paycheck that she was filipina.

"can't anyone see that we're all just pawns in this game among world leaders?" wrote another one in an e-mail listserv; this one's filipina, for sure.

comments like that just boil my blood. ok, so now you know you're being oppressed. you're being taken advantage of. there's such a thing as psychological thresholds and the knowledge to distinguish right from wrong. i see no logic in staying quiet when you know you're being hurt.

resignation is a different story. resignation is giving up - on you, on your future. sure, often the only thing we can do is sign a petition, get out and vote, and join protestors and be loud and annoying. activists do that because it's the easiest, most effective way of grabbing attention to the issues (hopefully to the issues! ahaha. we all know the ugly other kind of attention one craves).

but there's a more effective way of bringing the issues to light. it is never far from you, it is always within your reach, and it is unique to every person. if i could write about it, i would.
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