concluding day
it's another one of those blah days when many semisignificant things happen all at once that they cancel each other out.

robert musil from jerry van beers's sitefirst is musil's always intriguing treatise on just how he thinks he sees a girl he likes - but the thing is, she's pregnant, and how in the world did that happen, who's responsible for that?

nbc reports that christopher robins is aquitted of raping a girl at a party in burr ridge in 2002. that story broke just now, but earlier i watched the 6 p.m. news and there was no such thing reported. i'm disturbed that i might have missed that fact when i watched the news, but it turns out that bit was just moved, literally, just now.

before i started work, i find out that scott peterson is sentenced to death. everyone around me believes he did it. he was offered a statement in the courtroom today, the sentencing hearing day that the judge set aside for his late wife's, laci's, family. after discussing with his lawyers, they declined the offer. everytime that story comes up, i go back to my mother's lament, "he did that to someone of the same race as he; he killed his wife."

the past couple of days were refreshing for once - real talks with real people, the type that you don't have enough of, the type that should be done so seldomly because too much of a rich thing is bad. we talked about working, mainly, because that's what everyone wants to do nowadays.

actor robert blake was also aquitted of killing his wife today. with that case i'm not familiar with, as it was overshadowed by the more elusive michael jackson and him being accused of molesting a 13-year-old boy. blake, now 71, said he spent $10 million in court fees, needs a job, and endured the entire court process for his 4-year-old daughter, rosie. "don't do the crime if you can't do the time," his t.v. character in "baretta" was known for saying. ah, hollywood! so intoxicating. that part of california is a strange, floaty place.

an odd piece of a quote struck me earlier this evening, "we came here to play," said the illini coach, bruce weber. his mother died ealier this week, the rare time she came out to chicago to see her son's team win and play. shortly after the illini's victory earlier this week, he was told his mother had passed away.

isn't it interesting that play in this case is business. illini basketball players take it seriously because some of them might be on an athletics scholarship. i wonder if work really is serious play.

all these court cases concluding - it's like the
nine planets converging into one straight line. when i finish "tonka," i can tell you how that concludes as well. as for when will my friends and i conclude our wordplay? perhaps at the next time the nine planets converge.
A bundle of wires as thick as a coaxial cable runs from a connector in Nagle's scalp to a refrigerator-sized cart of electronic gear. Inside his brain, a tiny array of microelectrodes picks up the cacophony of his neural activity; processors recognize the patterns associated with arm motions and translate them into signals that control the Pong paddle, draw with a cursor, operate a TV, and open email.
whoa? if you're saying what i think you're saying, then yes, at least i know that after allllllllll that, my brain is still working all right. ;-) thanks!
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