sometimes i mark from a quiet corner of the world. i like this peace better compared to the endless bustle around me that often includes me only peripherally. what would you choose - semi-inclusion or this silence that's wholly yours?

but even in this quiet i'm assailed by music that sets a mood not far from mine, but nonetheless intrusive. it is a business after all, a bustling cafe you pay for ambience more than the lattes and the chocolates they serve, although those have a taste of their own. it is a business, like i said, and they've even made space for people seeking respite sellable.

i didn't have to purchase anything, like i said, actually i can just sit here and write all i want, but truth is when i woke up today i was late for class already, so i had to eat something. i'm rushed, like the service in this cafe. they mean well, it's just that their business is really popular; friendly is smiling and promptly getting your order out of the way.

i am thankful for the convenience and a desk to blog in for a time, but by my taking out a computer and typing i've become this business' free advertising - me, the executives across the room discussing over paper and medium-sized coffees, the young student waiting for her tray of drinks to be filled, the young woman waiting in a blue faux fur coat.

we've all stolen moments from our feverish schedules to visit this corner cafe, presumably for a caffein jolt. lately cafes have become more than places to spend time alone - they've become places to be seen. they're landmarks and reference points to start a night out. when you have time, you visit a cafe and open your computer and start blogging.

some will believe that you visit just for a change of scenery from the high-paced office, the high-pressure lecture courses, the self-imposed deadlines of group projects. in the old days, you visit and hang out at businesses not just for the merchandise, but for the gossip, the chatter, the jokes and the down time from your own business.

today, it's such a novelty, coffee shops have made a business out of it. today, right at this moment, in the haze of caffein and competing arts - the music, the artwork on the walls, the life of the coffee bean and the farmers tending to it, the architecture outdoors and the poetry in the journals and papers - downtime alone and conversation are packaged in small, round tables, coffee and chocolate, trendy music and artwork, a dash of the activist and the environmentalist. it tastes hurried. you have to shut out the world and fight for your space.

but the shop never looses its pleasant ambiance. i'm still able to blog. everyone is enviously looking at how i indulge in quiet time. if only they knew how i experience it less and less.
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