i've been assailed by yet another crazy person. no, this one isn't one of my friends: this is a total stranger, someone i thought never existed and yet voila! there she is.

i don't mind provocative surveys that insist on shredding my psyche to bits. i'm used to that. i take comfort in that i can always sue the person for emotional damages later on. (read: i'll return the favor; i'll curse you too. i gotz lotsa rabbit entrails just waiting for bloody torment.) i just wonder why, why, WHY ME?!

here is the source of my current, passing anguish:

Hi. As you are the owner of a xanga that belongs to a writing or poetry Blogring, I’d like to ask you a couple of questions. I’d greatly appreciate it if you respond back.

The question is: Why do you own a blog?

Specifically, why do you own a xanga? How do you recognize this constructed online universe? How do you mediate between your blog-universe and everything else outside it- that is, how do you mediate between the personal and the public?

Why do you blog? Does it exactly have a purpose? What meaning do you give to it? Self-expression? Reaching out to others?

Has blogging affected your life in any way?

If you post written work, how have people responded? Have received useful critique and feedback which improved your writing skills?

Thank you for your time.

PS. If your browser is Firefox or Netscape, please post in the Mozilla-friendly xanga.com/missing_by_a_mile

this is a real comment on a real blog... well, if xanga is for real. AHAHAHA!!! hay.

it's like asking frickin me, why do you breathe?
eat chocolate?
drink caramel macchiato coffee everyday?
bite into a tomato mozzarella and pesto focaccia sandwich?
return to the buffalo blue cosi sandwhich just coz of their awesome, salted bread?
worship parmesan cheese over soft italian bread and olive oil?

use the italian restaurant's table's protective paper tabletop to sketch ideas because you're too lazy to take out your journal?

use the italian restaurant's table's protective paper tabletop to sketch ideas because you're too lazy to take out your journal for fear the olive oil and parmesan stink will stick to it, therefore making you sacrifice $20/plate everyday now, instead of once in a purply-blue moon like a normal consumer?

dangnabbit. sometimes people just like to slather on their graduate studies angst on you. i'm no guinea pig! i'm clueless as hell! same as you!!!

and so i went,

hi, miss by a width of a hair - i don't own that blogring. i just participate in it the same as you. :-)

your questions are provocative, but i am hardly the person to ask. you yourself own a blog on xanga - why do you write in xanga?

i think the question that needs to be asked here is why do we write? and then we can go on from there.
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