skirt frenzy


i tried on the mixed stripe skirt, liked it, but decided to pass. i have only one other such skirt, in that fabric, and it is enough.

i couldn't find the tuscan tulip skirt but i posted it here because it looks nice... ahahaha . there was a similar dressy type skirt there, but in all black. it was layered, bunched up a bit and could have been the bottom part of some prom dress. i liked how both these skirts remind me of spanish-inspired prints and laces. hopefully next time.

the manzanita i was sooooooo lucky to have come across. i was like, finally, a skirt i won't be embarrased to wear at work!

anthropologie is my new favorite expensive store. yes, it is girly, possibly a little over the top girlie, a french cliche, a corruption of influences nonanglo-american, and i think the founder is female - who else can perfectly pitch and invite mostly women into the store - the men were checking out the books, ahaha - but my goal was to find clothes that can morph from work serious to casual day out.

one particular skirt that they don't have on their web site stayed with me saturday night till dreamtime. i couldn't get it out of my head when i woke up the next day, partly because the skirt was in a color i liked and mostly because it was on sale.

i gave in. sunday in the midst of errands i stopped by anthropologie and raided the sale section. i came away with the skirt that haunted me, the manzanita, and a couple others. i am so pleased and excited to wear those skirts not just to work but also to various events.

but don't be fooled - spending power isn't really all that. last november my high school friends and i had a chance to go to las vegas for our 10th year anniversary. to get to a certain free show of neptune, the mythical greek god of water, we had to cross several halls of a casino's high-end underground malls. it was the first time i would actually see those high-end stores that i've only read about in american magazines growing up in quezon city. i thought those didn't exist! ahaha

"do any of these stores actually make money?" my friend ali asked, looking at a hideous dress that looked like torn rags barely stitched together. the prices would make you think they probably make the half month's rent of the place. and it is las vegas - you can just believe anything about everything in that city. people can loose their minds, souls, bodies, along with their finances, there.

yesterday las vegas didn't occur to me while i raided anthropologie's sale section, i only thought of the situations and places i would wear these skirts. so i grinned and turned and replaced two other skirts back onto their racks. sometimes it really is just nicer and much more fulfilling to just look.

Hey ulan,

I love your skirt picks. Too bad there's no Anthropologie here in the PI. I first came across this store from Alex the Girl, she loves this store. Don't you just feel much more unfettered in skirts? For someone who began wearing these things only in her late 20s, I sure am making up for lost time!
hey... melissa, right? i'm yvonne. :-) how are you. there's kamiseta, last time i checked it online their threads looked a lot like anthropologie. but i've never had a chance to shop there yet. i'm going to avoid anthropologie from now on, because i think it's just too cool -

sorry... i don't call the phils PI. those two letters together mean something else to me. ahahahaha.

i've always worn skirts - uniform in high school. dunno about unfettered, actually - if you mean movement, then yes (especially those long ones), but if you mean the stares of others, then no. it's unfortunate that the first thing people think about when they see you in a skirt that ain't a uniform is how you're wanting attention. ahaha. sad.

thanks for tagging my blog. :-)
Hahah! I know what you mean about skirts = supposedly wanting to get attention. But I dunno, when i started wearing them all sorts of powers came to me. Taxi drivers call me ma'am, hotel bellboys scramble for my bags, office mates ask me if I'm busy before scheduling meetings, children touch my hems. Hehehe
umm... because a woman in a skirt is princess of her realm. ahahahahaha... sorry. skirts rule. i wear the bathing suit shorts underneath, tho, so i can still run around and climb desks and trees if i want to. scares off all the guys (and some girls too, ahaha), but they'll just hafta get used to it. mwahahaha. i think the trick is to balance tomboyishness with girlie quirks so people get used to it, they won't point out anything. hehe.
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