the news editor is leaving. ...
and in his card and on the picture frame for his farewell gift, i repeated my thanks. and even though i repeat that thanks for millennia to come, it still won't capture all my gratitude. i wrote that on the frame, too.

this gig is my first-ever job out of college. there have been a few concurrent, but this is the main source of my income, ahaha.

my mother benefits mostly, but even as i hated, HATED it here in the beginning, i learned to appreciate it. it took me three years to soften. ahaha. i can go, take all the money, mom. the things i learn in here cannot be priced. but of course imma take those words back.

james webb is a poet when it comes to colorful combinations of curses. you should hear him when he checks email after coming back from vacation. no one can duplicate that, i won't dare attempt it here. he was there when i was intereviewed for the job, there when office leaders were scarce and everyone needed to be evaluated, there when every news bureau in the country was short staffed, there when i wondered whether i'd need to stick around, arrive early, arrive where, for assignments embarrassing and important.

he was the one that gave me the craziest, dirtiest and busiest assignment ever!!! ahahaha. um. let's not talk about that. i can't anyways. but i can tell you it is a hella fun assignment. when redemption smiles upon me, and all this is far, far behind me, i'll muster up the courage to consider telling, ahaha.

stanley swieton, photo by columbia college chicagohere is the photo that we take him for.* the bureau chief is splicing a pix of webb's face on top of swieton's.

webb's farewell party is tomorrow. he is getting a pix of him on that bike, framed and dedicated, ahaha. we call him homeless. we hope he hates his new job at the trib. we hope he never changes, because in a business that sups up people and turns them into dry twigs, he's somehow remained human.

so, being human, he can only do so much, that's why he's leaving, ahahahaha. ...

i think i'm going to be all right. everyone's suffering. the entire company is coming down on this office. the bureau chief's office is party central with people coming to sign the frame. for a whole year jim webb was the only thing standing in the way of me and the door, ahahahaha. i will remember his passion for the business most of all.

* Trib photo caption: This photo of Stanley Swieton was mistakenly identified in Wednesday's [April 27] Tribune as being of Joseph Lombardo. [ trib site ]

this character exists. i saw him cycle past the brown line washington/wells stop as i descended the station's steps yesterday. he wore a short green jacket that day and i considered whipping out my camera to prove to y'alls. but as he cycled slowly away, obviously just enjoying the downtown views, he turned left on madison street, and looking a little lost but curious, cycled away from my sight. on TV last week, he says he won't sue the tribune for mistaken identity. what a nice gesture. you never see the characters on TV cycle past you in real life, but i thought he looked familiar, ahaha. i recognized his bike.

on the web:
Photo folly: Columbia student’s picture of “mobster” proves trouble for Tribune, triggers battle between Chicago dailies
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