wierdo movie #405: battle royale
japanese movies rock. i mean seriously. the latest wierdo movie from the cool north asia archipelago we saw was battle royale. the movie was so bizarre, i took a pix of the people i saw it with:

it was that strange, it mesmerized us all. i wasn't really watching coz i needed to finish a story, but i get the gist of the movie: kids stuck on an island out to kill one another. yay!

and they've reason to - the Millenium Educational Reform Act, so it's not to be confused with senseless motivation a la lord of the flies.

i wish my high school was something like this. why can't my high school have been like this? have more schoolwide games, i mean, not just games within your own grade group? i'm

so someone had to diffuse the tension in that room. after i think girl #12 was killed - i lost count - i went, "this game is fun!" and everyone started lighting up. giggled and then did smokes, i mean.

a few days before, a friend, jessie, invited us all to see it with him. now we know why he can't see it on his own. "you kinna wonder, if the country's normal. i mean, psychologically. i mean, is it normal to cudgel one's brains on how the adults are scared of us, but they have the power, so instead of making them take our lives in their hands, they make us take each others'? i mean, why be scared of change? and then why make an adult spearhead the operation, all coz [SPOILER!!!] he has a crush on one of them ?"

i thought of "spiral" and "suicide club" and smiled. awww. so jessie can be concerned about some things, after all, not ruthlessly mock everything in sight. but i kept that to myself coz i think those movies are kewl!

battle royale

one of my favorite scenes revolves around psychogirl (#11) finally meeting psychoboy (#6) and their killing each other. this was after a supersweet scene involving a girl killing a boy by accident.

(ulanmaya picks up lines by memory)

sweetboy (#11): ah! i'm hit!
sweetgirl (#8): hu! hu! hu!
sweetboy: go! run.
sweetgirl: run? why? i'm sorry! i thought you were gonna kill me!
sweetboy: run! they heard the shots. they're coming this way.
sweetgirl: why are you helping me?
sweetboy: i can't ever kill you. i can't ever hurt you.
sweetgirl: (gasps!) but why?
sweetboy: because i love you.
sweetgirl: (falls to the ground) but why?
sweetboy: because you're so cute.

and then sweetboy relaxes, dead - on the flooded warehouse floor.

enter psychogirl who screams bloody murder!

sweetgirl, confused and frightened and scared and emotionally saturated all at once, scrambles from her hiding place and runs. she's shot. she stumbles over sweetboy. she gets shot again. she dies on top of him.

enter psychoboy, and they duke it out for a little longer than the sweet couple. what i really, REALLY didn't like about that scene was that they killed off psychogirl.

what!!! you say.
so did i!

jessie wanted to see the second one, but it was 10:30 p.m., we thought how young were the kids in the flick, so we needed to get our elderly behinds back to our own houses already.

i'm still curious about BR2. they're banned here in the u.s., but thankfully, they've a cool english-language web site and yahoogroup.

i wish i paid attention more to the film, ahaha. i think, you know, they should have battle royale III: revenge of the psychogirl! coz girls always outlast the guys.
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