i was supposed to be here TWO HOURS ago. there should have been time enough for me to explore o'hare airport, even. brush my teeth. change from my jeans. get me something cold to drink before my shift starts at work.

BUT noooooooooo -

the united airlines express aircraft from columbus, ohio to chicago "broke down," according to the ticket taker at columbus, so they had to cancel a noon flight and bump everyone else to the first flight that would get them out of columbus, competitors included. they'd send them out on united first, of course, if they could. so the next first united flight out of columbus won't be happening until 1:30 p.m.

which isn't so bad, coz that ideally would still get me into chicago by 1:30-ish, given the time difference. of course, i didn't anticipate unhappy flight attendants staying their intent to strike, and happy camper-passengers just happy to be on the next flight out, and rain.

normally i love rain. i wished it happened in chicago, tho. coz illinois is under a severe drought. farmers would welcome it. i understand it can't be helped as central ohio's been under 80s and 90s watch lately. but if it happened in chicago, and my flight was cancelled because of crazy rain that won't stop playing with planes in the sky, then there was something at least to prove to my colleagues at work why my flight needed to be cancelled.

and so, it turns out that it is lovely beautiful overcast, but NOT RAINING in chicago, and trafficky at best. at that. IT IS TRAFFICKY! traffic from the northside around kimball avenue till way past downtown. i should know this, i was told to take the train, but i still insist on cabbing to most things.

so there is yet another reason to be one hour late from work: traffic. i dropped $40 big ones on the lap of the taxi driver, who seemed deaf. i have a soft voice, that's why. but he's still deaf.

and so what do i do after stashing my suitcase and my messenger and packages inside the winter coat closet? check with work. yes, walgreen pharmacists are out on strike. a lincoln park zoo gorilla is having his own drama ish. and some gradstudent wants AP copy from last week.

and i log onto xanga coz there isn't space for this kinna ish right now, right here in the office, so my keys run 10,000 leagues a second while everyone else around me marvels at how busy we've suddenly become given that there are less than 10 staff watching the entire illinois and the third largest city in the u.s. - when you think of it, i'm hella lucky in that aspect.

i haven't even had a chance to think about how columbus, sweet and accomodating, charmingly tested my patience many times.
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