francisco is back in my life! ahahaha.

we rode back from old irving park, but i learned i can't drive and drink my green tea frappuccino at the same time, so we stopped and he waited until i finished my drink. hehehehe. in my eagerness we almost tumbled, too, ahaha.

so it took us half the time it usually does to ride keeler and irving park to kimball and from kimball to the brown line train station. in between we had to bypass sidewalk construction, three girls intent on their cell phones and the short skirts of each other, a little girl hopscotching the sidewalk cracks and her mother watching, a boy who saw the hopscotching girl and slowed down walking coz we were passing from behind, two other girls on their bikes riding the other way from the other side of the street. they were also taking the sidewalk. hehehehe. gotta play it safe when you're rebounding sidewalk bumps and cracks. ahahaha.

i noticed that every car will poke their noses into the roads, mindless of whether there's pedestrian on the sidewalks. they don't realize that the hood of their car has the ability to knock a person down and seriously injure them. i noticed that young drivers our age will actually look and let you pass first, but the adults don't care. the adults look but don't see. i thought, this is our enemy, kiko and i. there isn't anyone in the world who'll watch us but ourselves.

finally at the brown line station he scratched my otherwise flawless legs. oh wells!, i thought, small sacrifice, they'll be flawless again in no time. ahahaha. the train operator said we were blocking the car, but i told him we'd fix it, and we were lucky it wasn't a crowded train, too.

i just walked him downtown coz i wasn't yet used to driving there, and we entered the building on time. WOOT! but i forgot my lock in our basement, so i guess kiko will just have to come to work with me. i stashed him in the breakroom. he can enjoy a view of the river and the west side from there. hafta remember to take him out later tonight for dinner, hehehe. but not very far coz i didn't bring my bike lock with me.

ahahahaha. kiko is my bike. someone stole my bike seat last october and i've been without a bike since. i can go running around everywhere again without worrying about parking or waiting for the bus or train. heeee.
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