ohmigosh, all i did was work today.

i woke up, i took a shower, i ran out of the house because i was late, i got to work late, i sat down, i started typing. i chatted, ahaha. that pushed work a little further. i used my hour break to walk to the u of c to pick up an assignment, so no time was lost there. as soon as i got back to my desk, i hadn't stopped working - until 15 minutes ago. the good thing's i actually got everything done on time, on top of other small things they asked me to do.

i would be insanely miserable if someone didn't send me pix of his birthday. if people didn't update their blogs. if someone hadn't chatted. if someone hadn't called me on the cell. tomorrow is another busy day - i toyed with the idea of calling in sick so i can accomplish the other assignments i have to do for other groups, but i can't; the president is coming to town to sign a landmark transportation bill. nothing out of the ordinary better happen! ahahaha. we've enough work as it is.

i'm encouraged by the reminder that "everyone works. what else do you do with your days?" unless you are wealthy and own a hotel chain in chicago, you won't have to work. we work to live. some people like their jobs enough to say they live to work. we earn our keep so we have money to burn when we're not working.

when we work, we learn the value of having time - not money - to burn. time, to me, is the best commodity. i would choose preserved vacation days over trip reimbursements. time is ruthless and liquid. how you let it escape your hands is telling of how you manage your life, how you look at life, how you live your life.

i wish i had more time to do the things i want to do - work on different things, with different people, to trade experiences and abilities with. right now in my age, that's where i should spend my days: working. to me, time well-spent is spent learning more about the craft you studied in college, whether it really is something you'd like to do for the rest of your life. if it's not, it is high time you left and looked for a new job. or went back to school. time well-spent is a weekend with people you love and your favorite foods - yummy pesto! oh la la - a book, a video, and lots and lots of ... laughter. (ahahaha! excuse me, no. this is a PG-13 blog. we're too young for that sorta thing.)

a vacation well-spent is to places and situations you have never been to and experiences that will teach you how to live your life fuller. i've been on some trips where i just felt miserable out of my mind because i knew i was wasting time there. but there are also trips and experiences i would never, never trade. i'm so grateful for those experiences. :-)

to those i mentioned, thanks for all the reminders of being human. :-) yes, this is the rare happy perspective blog entry without the ahahahaha - oops, too late. heehee! good night.
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