i hope i'm giving this girl good advice.

over the weekend, i met with an old friend, and just like any other young person, recently graduated and looking for a job so she can finally start some sort of routine in her life, she wants a role model. i told her all that i know about gaining independence from your parents, and, after lunch, mass, a movie and then dinner, at 10 p.m., i learned that wasn't enough.

it was past 10 p.m. i realllllllllly wanted to go back to the house already, but i can't tell her we should go because she was the one driving me. i wondered what had i gotten myself in to. i'm no teacher. i never was close to her while i was in college. and we were in the suburbs. and both my siblings are asleep by now. and my mother just pulled her back.

she finally drove me back at around 11 p.m. she said she wanted to see my house, but i think she only meant outside. i invited her in so i can show her to my mom, because i couldn't call her back the both times she called to check where the heck i was, ahaha. i showed my friend my postcard collection. she said she wanted a collection now, too.

well, i walked her out. she still wanted to talk. ohmigosh. we were on our sidewalk. i was leaning on the gate, she was in the middle of the sidewalk, dancing-kinna-standing-narrating her life's woes. to who was i like this before? why am i being karma-ed? i think i know. but she said she didn't have any sisters and she really wanted one, so now she says she wants a role model.

ack. i'm being karma-ed. i wanted brothers, and boy did i get 'em. i think, when a girl asks for something, she always gets what she wants, ahahaha. she doesn't know what she's getting herself in to.

i am not holding her hand. i'm sorry. ahahaha. that is replacing me with her parents or boyfriend when he's unavailable. i think there's just something in young women, holding college degrees, waiting for their first real jobs, that just makes them yearn attention. and i'm sorry, i'm a wierd girl, i don't talktalktalk to form relationships.* ack. but then again, i think i've solved her case, while she remains unconvinced. hay. i think the only way to solve that is to shove her into the real of life. i told her to hang out with sfc more. and... ya. sfc isn't unconditional with their time, too, they've jobs and get tired at midnight on a sunday too, ahahahaha.

i am so glad she lives in the suburbs. but i will have to put up with her if i happen to be in the same area next time coz that's just what you should do when someone's entertained by your jokes. goodness. i'm glad she also has aileen and the rest of sfc to talk to. ahahaha.

* i just talk. hehehe.
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