four years hence
firefighters in new orleans paused today to remember their colleagues killed in the new york city terror attacks four years ago.

on a road trip to new jersey last year, someone who staunchly believed the u.s. were victims of violence, threw his support for raiding afghanistan and iraq in a crowded van for 15. one other person, the type predictable to support him, joined him. no one ever thought if the violence were a natural response to how the u.s. has been running things since the first world war.

but of course - the president is anti-abortion, faith-based, and complicated way beyond all our reach. he managed to get elected twice. competition is the soul of business.

but then again, i don't want to be like that filipina on NBC, a bystander perched on michigan avenue bridge, watching as protestors took the city and yelled for peace. she looked into the camera like it were some invasive object and went, "i think it's such a waste of time, an embarassment to the city," she said, referring to the right to free speech and assembly, just the reaction that reporters were looking for. she forgot that the people on the streets could be cited and sourced for info on what they think could really be going on here, that is, imperialism cloaked instead of christianity, democracy.

over 2,000 soldiers from the u.s., the u.k., and other nations are killed in the war against terror since its launch on october 7, 2001. defense secretary donald rumsfeld participated in the pentagon memorial. "They will likely want to know why this terrible thing happened," he said of the children of those killed in the attacks. "It's hard for free people to comprehend the mix of extremism and hatred that leads terrorists to murder innocent men, women and children. But perhaps we can tell them this: Throughout human history there have been those who seek power through fear and mass murder but eventually all of them - every one - has fallen."

we think of the soldiers, their families, their colleagues, the people of afghanistan and iraq struggling to comprehend u.s. invasion, their leaders struggling to form a government to reconstruct their country from war, the protestors who continue to express grief by stopping their own lives to follow the president while he went on vacation, wanting to stop the war if only to keep the next mother from experiencing black vaccums caused by flag-draped coffins upon the return of their son from war. i pray for the filipino families whose relatives seek work elsewhere but end up returning to their hometowns and provinces in coffins because of abuse and neglect and lack of international work laws to protect them.

the president and his wife wore black at the white house ceremony, and stayed silent.
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