sunday mass
here's a story worthy of a forward. yanno, those forwards that are always meant to warm your heart on monday morning at work, hehehehe.

during the school year, there is a 10 p.m. mass at loyola university's madonna della strada chapel at their main campus at lake shore.

just thinking about mass is making me happy. :-) i never lived on campus, so i missed out on a huge chunk of my life. but i used to seize every opportunity i got to attend the 10 p.m. mass. there's nothing like a room full of students not in class or in analysis mode - just in prayer.

there's one lenten mass i remember where they brought in 12 students with small bonquets of wheat, playing the 12 disciples. as part of an offering, they set down the wheat - i think it was wheat, curiously, the stalks were green - at the foot of the altar and later helped distribute the bread and wine.

at loyola, i really, really like this bread the chapel used in place of the usual white, circle wafer. i must get the recipe from one of my friends. it's chewy and soft and sweet at the same time. it's brown wheat bread. when i get a chance, i'll post it here.

sometimes in the course of my studies i don't get to eat - i would wake up and rush from the house because it takes me 40 minutes by train to arrive on campus. i would catch up on reading or sleep while on the train. i love to sleep, so when i wake up i'm almost always late. i skip breakfast.

when i go to mass, it was almost always the only time i got to eat during the day. sometimes i remember to pack some food - i remember one time grabbing the remaining loaf of bread in the house and using the free jelly at the cafeteria, and that would be my meal for the day.

i would sometimes need to stay on campus until midnight because we only had one computer in the house, and both my siblings would already fight over it. so i opted to stay on campus during the week, or visit the campus on the weekends, to type up my papers. (and the campus is beautiful, if you've ever been there, you'd know. :-)) if i don't sleepover a friend's dorm, my mother, who worked the night shift, would call me on her cell phone (we also only had one cell phone that time) using her work phone to tell me her work shift was ending and she was coming to pick me up.

there would be one hour between her calling and picking me up. i would use that time to go to mass. my empty stomach would be warmed by that pinch of bread and sip of wine. and i thought i was never hungry. hehehe.
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