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university of chicago police have arrested a "person of interest" they say might be connected to arson at four buildings at the u of c hyde park campus. usually, when police call someone a "person of interest," chances are's that person did it.

the person is female, and a former student. police supposedly arrested her as she exited one of the buildings set to fire.

the fires aren't very big, they were contained to one desk in one room, at swift, kent, ryerson and eckert halls in the main quad. the fires started yesterday, tuesday, when the weather suddenly turned cold. i'm pretty annoyed because i was just there saturday feeling very unhappy because i arrived to class one hour late, the teacher prolly didn't even notice, but i did, and, if you know me, i equate that with not being able to hack classes at the u of c anymore, at all, in whatever capacity, ever, so i'm a failure and i should just go away.

so after class, i hopped online to look for directions to northwestern university for the kriti festival. i was so glad the world gave me a break that day because even though i can't remember having ever registered, my fee was paid for and i was able to catch the several remaining workshops that day. i even got some books signed. yay!

and then news of a fire breaks out, at the hyde park campus, of all places. first of all, you don't go to hyde park just to visit it. you stay there all day because it is two hours from any which point by train from downtown chicago.

second of all, police said the female person they had in custody is a former student. not some disgruntled homeless person. i was thinking, some day i'm going to be this school's former student. i hope someday i won't feel the need to burn any place down, university or otherwise. but for now, can't i just choose a school or an affliation that's noncontroversial for once. for once. i just want peace and quiet, while the autumn sinks into winter. it takes just these last few days till the 21st when winter officially starts, but in reality, just two more weeks until the winter, according to calendars charted by nonhumans, sets for real for three long months.

or at least when it snows. today i woke up with flurries outside my window. the extremely light dusting of snow reminded me that i'm such a wimp. but at least i got ready for my day and didn't think of fires and didn't hop back into bed. ahahaha.
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