i've finally checked into a clinic that i thought suites me, after hopping from one to the other, clear across the city. downtown. barrington. woodfield. the gold coast. michigan avenue. lincoln avenue. wicker park. esquire. the AMC. lowes. i've seen just about every holiday movie available to a night owl, and now i've OD'ed on hollywood flickering, hollywood moving.

i'm in detox.

last night was the second to the last straw, because when merry ann (yes, she's a happy ann) picked up a gift card that featured "ice age 2," i knew we just had to see that come the new year. but as the three of us sat there watching joaquin phoenix play johnny cash who was then trying to teach us to "walk the line," i thought,

i can't do this anymore.

is this what my life has amounted to? a cup of coffee after one hour of chomping sushi at todai and hijacking witty shirts at american eagle?

i've become a true consumer. yay! yay! yay!

the day before, my friend and i ate at shula's steak house at the sheraton, and the weekend before that we ate at osteria via stato. all of those, including todai, are $25-$40 a plate. and then we also had the movies and the coffee.

i love it.

coz i don't think i would have had fun at regular restaurants, or chains, anyways. the flavor this season is to try restaurants way beyond our means, ahaha. my money is rapidly running out. and it ain't over yet.

and yes, it is prolly about time, and yes i'm turning into the bad influence to these fresh college grads, and yes, i'm turning out to be the rich kid in the company of bohemians, like that lawyer in "rent," except i don't think i'm gay. ahahahaha.

cooking is fun when you're living with someone or when you're having friends over. eating out is for people like me who don't yet have anyone to cook for, or people more interested in looking outside, to what the world looks like, rather than developing a hearth and home.

last week i said i can't wait for this year to end. 2005 is getting old. old, old. old like bringing lunch in a plastic case to eat to work when it's the holidays. which i still do. coz i need to save up for new year's and after new year's. don't got much goin' on - just a couple friends coming for the cold and the snow. i'm highly hopeful for good times - ahahaha - the wholesome kind, of course, you're reading ulanmaya here.

four more days of 2005. have a happy tuesday. :-)
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