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using my office's considerable reach, i looked for the original column patricia evangelista allegedly wrote that writers sarah raymundo and bogart jaime attacked. i'm not supposed to do this. but what can i say - i'm a sucker for a good story. oh la la.

well, i found it, and i totally understand where raymundo and jaime are coming from. absolutely love all 2,738 words of their reply to evangelista's original 1,101, published nov. 27. i also read her 1,129-word reply, published dec. 11.

and i must say:
+ 1129

so raymundo and jaime still win. ahahaha.

but if you actually read the three pieces, you'll understand - why can't evangelista just admit that she's, very simply, wrong? that after graduation, there's actually still much, too much, to learn.

that no, students can't say they don't know this, or that no one showed them this. if they open their eyes just a tad weeny wider, this bit o'wisdom's actually very accessible. she wears rubber slippers to the movies. some kids don't even have plastic bags for slippers. they don't even have enough pay to watch movies. ahaha.

her column would have even been more effective if she just went, "i am wrong, and i apologize; i didn't realize that learning ends not in the classroom or upon ascension of the stage to receive my diploma; it ends not, period." hehehehe. but i guess she needed to put in her weekly 1,000-plus words.

it's actually also unfair of me to speak up about an issue i distanced myself from, concluding from the very start, "she's a train wreck waiting to happen." i'm sure she's heard that too many times already for it to be effective. but the thing is, i don't read her unless she's caused yet another catastrophe.

and that's just totally it. if you want to be a columnist, you must first be a journalist. journalists, ideally, don't make news. they cover them. they're not the newsmakers, they're adept enough to subtley point, "and this is the news, by the philippine daily inquirer." they don't make splashes. while we can say that you don't hear from or about writers unless they cause disasters, it seems to me that evangelista makes nothing BUT disasters.

it's entirely distinct from revolutions. that, she's not doing. (sure... she's not doing this yet. maybe someday. i hope she lasts long enough to come up with something.)

it's kinna annoying, even if she were older and seasoned. it's annoying, because you know you'll be hearing from her again next week. if you walk and you have a pebble in your shoe, any normal person would stop and take out the errant stone. while i think it's a good idea that PDI made someone evangelista's age contribute to their pages weekly, i think the paper is desperately, sorely lacking in guiding her to the light.

please, this isn't an attack at the esteemed writers who may have mentored her. i admit i have no clue what i'm talking about. but it's exasperating that they seem adeptly leaving her alone to write her whims, and her editors are reduced to copyists.

i see the philippine version of jayson blair yonder near horizon. a girl, no less. what perfect irony, especially if you're trying to boost female ego in a male-dominated field. i just want to scream bloody hell.

evangelista's next job after graduation should be to snap her up to a general assignment reporting desk. quick, before some other paper gets any ideas. chain her there until she learns what it is to be a real reporter. many columnists are grateful for robotic, snappy editors who seem to have nothing else to do in their days but look up from their pencils and their stories and bark at you. those violent ones are actually some of the best mentors around. they actually really do breathe under that mountain of paper and smoke. they promote you and show you off and give you chances to let you dig yourself out of your holes. :-D

it's fun! don't be scared.

but i should shut up, i live comfortably far, far away from manila and memories of being stuck in traffic trying to get to my uncle's house 20 minutes from my parent's house on a good day without traffic are, with the same speed as my youth, rapidly dimming. oh, for the love of learning. but i must get back to work.

i think due to extreme popularity, the philippine daily inquirer removed the three pieces from their pages; or at least, i can't find them. you might be able to google these:

"Sound and Fury," Patricia Evangelista. Philippine Daily Inquirer, Nov. 27.

"Patricia Evangelista: 'A Rebel Without a Clue,'" By Sarah Raymundo and Bogart Jaime. Philippine Daily Inquirer. Not sure when this was published, but some yahoogroups list it was published Nov. 30.

"Into the Sound and Fury," Patricia Evangelista. Philippine Daily Inquirer, Dec. 11.
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