the greatest horror stories are about the ones you don't know
... i tell ya. i haven't written anything about this white chick blogging about jollibee, but if i read another word about it, at 11 p.m. on wednesday, i'll just hafta wake someone up so i can put my celly on speaker just to hear what azure sounds on speaker.

my cell phone can do speaker. woohooo!!! ahahaha.

anyways. pamie has a follow-up to that first blog entry. click here!

the deal is, if pamie and her friends were merely truly simply just curious about the food, they would have included this sentence, which appears in pamie's follow-up entry:

We ate a few bites out of curiosity, and then were disappointed to find we hadn't discovered our favorite new fast food joint.

[ say that again? ]

everything looks rosier and defending is easier on hindsight. she did, after all, get flooded with hate mail, ahaha. (which is a very good thing - as speaking out about a bad thing isn't a very popular gig among filipinos - and by pamie blogging about it, illicited the wanted sympathy from moi truly, as well as the myriads other white folk who read her blog. sigh.)

if you just read her first blog entry, it is clear that pamie and her friends went into a jollibee WITH INTENTIONS to mock it. they wanted to try the exotic fast food to make fun of it. that they admit they're dumb white folk doesn't give enough reason, balance and padding for them all to mock icky, gooey, sticky, exotic jolibee.

i am damned sick and tired of the same old schtick of, "i'm dumb. i don't know the world beyond my white suburban mall. to deal, i'll make fun of it coz i don't really know." i can handle this abuse from nonfilipino and filipino friends who've lived in the suburbs all their lives and consider a trip to downtown chicago an adventure all in itself.

but i cannot stomach this from people who have the means and the ability to blog, those who have the means to disseminate information.

dumb white chick needs to be hauled by boat all the way to the philippines for a good burn, i mean, suntan. or taught the word SENSITIVITY.

but i'll stop here coz like pamie i'm also a good person at heart. *heart* <3 i think searching for, and pointing out, the other has become one of those skills taught to us at birth, so ingrained as it's been heightened in the west during the age of discovery, and invented everywhere else, since time immemorial.

Originally uploaded by ulanmaya_deux.

several months ago, a hawaiian troupe performed at an open mic here in chicago. the audience consisted mostly of artists and, well, liberal democrats. there were only two performers. the music was a sweet 1940s tune, a man crooning her "baby doll." i wondered how they dealt with the electricity in the air. the girl's hand shook as she caressed the cafe's charged atmosphere.

it's nice to indulge in the way you want to look at things: manila as stylish, fast, artistic and not a crowding place for the homeless. jollibee's food as indecipherably... sweet.

it takes effort to balance those views out in the same compelling language. everyone likes a good horror story.

the seven treasures restaurant in chinatown (the one that's open late, with the yellow awning) has this big disclaimer in their menu, posted on the front desk. i can't remember the exact words, but the line goes something like, "if from the menu you don't recognize the food, don't order it."

wow. this, from a popular restaurant in the center of chinatown.

i hope when i go to hawaii i'll just shut up looking for the exotic over there, too. grrr.
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