happy valentine's day!

hello, people i love! candyUSA estimates that more than 35 million boxes of chocolate will be sold today. all the guys know that girls are supposed to give them the stuff and the girls are more than happy to indulge their maternal instincts. that increases risk for obesity in men, already at 58 percent for those aged 20 to 34, according to data by the american obesity association.

but the really cute part is that surveyors for candyUSA have somehow managed to get guys over 50 to admit that they want to be given chocolate and flowers for a change. what a sweet gesture for daughters and wives for their fathers and husbands. the men need dessert, especially if the women go buck and decide to eat out.

the national restaurant association in washington d.c. estimates that 28 percent will dine out tonight, increasing the chances for fights and date rapes. the good thing is that the rape, abuse and incest national network (RAINN) estimates that more than 74 percent of college men would intervene to prevent a sexual assault.

pharmacies have stocked up on bandages, contraceptives and condoms, in equal parts for both male and female. o, would that illinois wages were equal between the sexes for once. it would give feminists more leeway in making fhm and penthouse vanish into thin air.

the deal with a baby is a tricky one. what do you do when you realize you don't want it? can't a woman be trusted with her own decisions nowadays? isn't she entitled to her own opinions, especially when it concerns her future? don't people make her do that with choosing a college degree and career anyways? so... she can't be trusted to protect herself when it comes to relationships, and this is why abortion is kept illegal?

the guttmacher institute reports that overall abortion in the u.s. has decreased by 11 percent between 1994 and 2000. an abcnews/washington post opinion poll says that that 57 percent of americans oppose abortion if it's solely to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. of that 57 percent, we don't know how many are women, women who have had abortions, women who have never been pregnant before. or women who are just watching and are so sure that if they get pregnant, they're absolutely sure they won't have it terminated anyways.

a man's physical size is intimidating, and the mixed good/bad thing is that they're often not aware of this. collating data from eight u.s. universities for an advertising campaign, RAINN estimates that 90 percent of college men really do stop the first time their date says no to sexual activity.

fifty-nine percent of men and women prefer wine over chocolates, according to the wine market council. good wine and chocolates cost a shade under $100, plus dinner at a place like coobah on southport in chicago might set you back another $100: no holiday is complete without the usual expenses.

if you missed today, it's always more romantic to dance to your own beat than tread the tide. heehee. but no, i will not go out with a guy whose face registers confusion-jealousy-rage whenever i spend time with his target girl-audience, or a guy who texts six times a day using CHIKKA or a guy who laughs at the sound of a girl's name, someone we both know and who had admitted loose ends with her. ahahahaha.

but we can all go out together with their intended girlfriends. i don't mind. hehehe.

happy valentine's day!
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