madonna della strada

madonna della strada
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loyola university chicago's madonna della strada church, extending hands to students undergoing the rite of christian initiation of adults.

i looooove going to loyola's nighttime mass. lent is particularly special for me. the lessons then are much more meaningful.

this past sunday the gospel was about lazarus rising from the dead.

the priest - it's always the same one even when i attended there, and i never got his name - gave a new slant to the story of lazarus and his two sisters. he focused on letting go.

he told of one of his mentees, a woman who lived in san francisco and holding on to her dying mother. the priest said that as soon as her mother readied to settle down to die, the daughter, molly, kept on crying for her, barbara, to come back. so barbara always came back.

(i'll call the priest fr. joseph. i'll find out his real name next time.)

fr. joseph asked molly barbara's status. molly cried over the phone telling him, and said she can't let go of her mother yet.

fr. joseph sympathized, but realized something very important. he said molly needed to let her mother go. molly cried that she can't.

"whose needs are being met here?" fr. joseph said as gently as he could during april 2's homily.

her mother can't leave her yet, we have such a good relationship, molly told fr. joseph over the phone.

fr. joseph just reminded her, "but she needs to go home now."

jesus told the crowd that he waited for two days after receiving word that lazaus was dying because it was meant that the he would die. "and I am glad for you that I was not there, that you may believe," jesus told the disciples.

while i'm reminded of the many more things i need to accomplish in this world, i focused on the homily's theme, letting go. i realized i've maintained some long distance relationships for years now. i learned it isn't a big deal; everyone is in some sort of long distance affinity with someone close to them. but i've also broken, or let brake, many friendships all because i let distance and misunderstanding get in the way. in some instances, it's regrettable.

with that gospel, i learned one more thing that could keep those kinships strong and true, a simple lesson on friendship that i've forgotten.

i need to remember to always ask myself whose needs are being met. it's a type of communication i rarely practice.
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