Portrait of Seattle as a Dream
Autoportrait in Black
by Eric Gamalinda
from his awesome, generous web site.

I was so small the angels decided
not to give me a name. I lived
all my life in obscurity, except
once, when the cypresses applauded
my bravado. I knew the language
of birds, but they still refused
to reveal the harmonies to me.
I lost not one parent, but three.
At the same moment that I learned
love, a blue thunderbolt ripped
the sky open, and I went insane.
Midway in life I traveled through
six time zones, the past, the future,
and every satellite in between.
The words bounced off my tongue,
warm, incandescent. When I died
a megaton of light tore itself
out of my bones. I became pure
particle, a spy among opposing
magisteria. I became an iris, a stone.
This consciousness so dear to me
closed like a flower. I could not
resist the beauty of nothingness.
In my place another being came
to lodge, and I moved quickly
to give it room. I don't know if this
is joy, but my absence was joyful.

i am going to admit it: i miss conference.

sfc, the age group i should mingle with and leave the high school and college people alone (a.k.a. yfc, cfc youth as of late), is holding a conference in... in... seattle.


city of my dreams.
why didn't i move there earlier in my life?

by accident i knew i totally looooooove seattle, 'ang ganda ng seattle,' i said to my friend, when we had the cfc youth, then yfc, there several years ago... i forget. 2000?

a sister then told me that i deserve better than the boy i liked at that time. *sigh.*

another sister and i took pictures of each other in the bathroom. or was that in oakland, calif.?

northern california/// norcal/// is pretty too. *hay!*

i should go to conference. even though i've neglected the tone of music and my friends at sfc and i speak a different language now. thus sayeth ulanmaya. ahahaha.

ulanmaya at flickr
Originally uploaded by ulanmaya.

one of the most spectacular fourth of julys i've ever experienced. i didn't need to zoom in or increase exposure for this pix.

i also have to admit it's the pull of the city more than the friendships, even if that's important as well. i went to columbus, ohio, because i was curious of the city! ahahaha. it's totally a small town compared to chicago, that is, it is the 8th largest city in the u.s. at that time, i got me some of the best 'tissue' shirts and coffee out there. a colleague here at work lived there for several years and told me a secret: columbus will never experience recession because it's industry-free. no coal mines, not much agriculture. it's products are internet and computer. have i also mentioned that the fireworks were incredible and it's the no. 2 city for same-sex relations? ahahaha. so totally no regrets. i got away from the grind in chicago. :-)

i should bring fliers and postcards of 'bells of balangiga' and ask if seattle peeps want to bring the show there. i can't be the only one in the sfc community who's thinking about former colony + u.s. = ? ahahahaha.
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