happy friday
oxnard, calif.

what a crazy week. monday and tuesday i actually worked. the rest of the week i felt like all i did was cry and drink. AHAHAHAHAHA. coz of my work sked i wasn't able to go with my colleagues after they closed rivers restaurant at all, but some of them closed a bar in chicago's greektown. to show their grief the medical writer cried uncontrollably while the cops beat reporter cracked jokes incessantly. the gen assign reporter left a crowd of 5 without saying goodbye, we don't think he knew whether he said goodbye to peeps, and i blogged with my face and hands red. warm all over. ahahaha. but s'all good.

i just want to be a normal person.

so that when people explode all around me, i could still see a clean way out of our situations that keep everyone happy.

i don't want to be any sort of roadblock for anyone, and i don't want anyone standing in my, either. i don't get people who're like that. that's what happened to me in socal, and it's not a reflection at all on the region, mind you. it was an uncle trying to be protective and sweet at the same time, but doesn't he realize i'm no longer the 4-year-old he last saw running around our old house in quezon city? apparently, not. so he said no to everything we asked we could do.

the reason i write this now is coz though my uncle did everything to curb our happiness, he drove us everywhere and paid for everything, ahaha. that was hella nice. i haven't heard of that happening anywhere at all - except maybe in the province. you don't let people know you've struck out on your own when you visit relatives in the province. you get yelled at and given the speech of what if something happened to you, ahaha. you live their lives. that should have been entertainment enough.

but we don't live in the province, we live in the city, and in the city are diversions of every imaginable stripe. in the city, not only can you live someone else's life with them, you can live the lives of countless others too, through the various entertaining things available - the beach. the food. the activities. the movies. the theaters. the books. the music. the conversations. the colors of shopping. the heady traffic. the quiet concrete. the singing trees. the watching sculptures. the waiting paintings. the steady sunrise. the glorious sunsets.

and yes, living in a big city doesn't necessarily mean living elsewhere is less. sometimes it makes no difference at all.

i am so looking forward to the weekend. time to find out if my life is still waiting.
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